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Dark web/Deep web is on of the biggest illegal marketplace and illegal content in the world. But we aren't fully aware of its use. Now I give the process below that how you will use free dark web on Android : 

Go to google play store and type on search “orbot vpn” .

Download it and install.

Open Orbot and go to settings.

Now i tell you how to connect with tor/Deep/onion surface 

1. Start

Click Start on onion to connect tor network on your mobile and wait 1.5/2 min for 100% bootstrapped.  when it's start, the start button will be change yellow color.

2. Vpn Mode

After start you need to must use vpn mode for your seafty. It helps you to change location 4.9 minuts. Every 4.9 min your location will auto change . Don't miss to on vpn mode. If you want extra security you will you another vpn for your seafty.

3. Bridge Network

Bridge Network will help you for using dark web. it give you full access on onion you can choose many other option on the bridge network. i mention you to choose the first one for best experience.

After connected with tor you can use Uc Browser / Puffin Browser / Chrome / and others. If you want to download any type of videos you need to use some Downloadable browser to Download Videos and Audios Automatically. If you need any type help..Comment Or contact us. If you need Any type Dark web link just like Marketplace, Free adult videos, Free Content, Etc. Contact me.

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